Morinaga’s CSR

CSR Structure

Foundation of Morinaga’s CSR

Safety and Quality Assurance
Quality assurance system, information provision
Concern for the Environment
Reducing the burden on the environment caused by business
Social Contributions
Factory tours, confectionary education, nature experience education
Corporate Governance
Maximizing corporate value and perpetual growth
Complying with laws, charter of corporate behavior/code of conduct, risk management

Relations with Stakeholders


Local community

Supporting children’s
health education

Global environment

Preventing global warming,
recycling of resources, biodiversity


Disclosing information regarding
business operations and
ensuring transparency

Clients/business partners

Stable product supply,
fair and equal impartial trade


Dynamic environment creation
and human resources training


Food safety/peace of mind
Sharing customer voices

Basic CSR Principles

  1. (1)We endeavor to maintain and expand good relations with all stakeholders (customers, local communities, partners, employees, and shareholders) and fulfill our social responsibility in all areas of our business in accordance with the corporate principles and code of conduct for realizing coexistence and sustainable growth.
  2. (2)The foundation of the company’s CSR activities comprises corporate governance (establishing and maintaining corporate principles, ensuring efficient, healthy, and transparent management), compliance (compliance with laws, our charter of corporate behavior/code of conduct, risk management, information disclosure), quality and safety assurance, consideration for the environment in various aspects of operations, and social contributions targeted at assisting the healthy growth of children, who are the leaders of the future.

CSR Promotion System

CSR Committee




Management Strategies Division Manager,
Corporate Communications Division Manager

  • Deliberation of basic policies for CSR activities
  • Issue of CSR reports
  • Deliberation/follow-up of basic plans for each CSR activity

In October 2014, the CSR Group was established within the Corporate Communications Division to promote CSR activities in collaboration with other divisions and departments. The company has also established a CSR Committee headed by the company president. This committee checks on the status and direction of CSR social contribution, environmental, and diversity activities, and the CSR management is pursued companywide.