BAKE <Chocolate>

New: BAKE's delicious taste has improved!
Thanks to all our customers’ loyal support, Morinaga’s BAKE chocolate – which is still strictly produced using our exclusive baking techniques – has now reached its 14th anniversary! In Fall 2017, after a lengthy research process and baking over 100 samples in pursuit of the ultimate flavor for our chocolate brand, we have finally created a new product which we believe is the best of the best in terms of taste.
The brand-new BAKE chocolate, featuring unprecedented aroma and smoothness, is now ready for chocolate lovers!

BAKE Cookie Chocolat Flavor

A crisp cookie meets smooth chocolate
We enhanced the crispness of the cookies to create a mouth-watering balance with smooth and creamy chocolate notes.
The chocolate is made up by two layers of bitter cocoa and milk chocolate, offering this BAKE treat a sweet but still dark and rich element.
The chocolate is sprinkled with rock salt from the Lorraine region in France, giving the chocolate an even richer flavor than before.

BAKE Creamy Cheese Flavor

A whole miniature cheesecake!
Creamy cheese and chocolate paste is enveloped by a soft, yet crumbly crust.
This creamy treat is available for a limited time this autumn and winter!
To make this delicious bitesize cake even cheesier, we mixed three different cheeses* together. Can you taste the creamy delight already?
This BAKE chocolate gives you a 100% cheesecake flavor in a bitesize portion.

*The three cheeses: Cream cheese, Camembert, and Mascarpone